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In the midst of my stressed out - what is going to happen to my worklife- weekend, I am also going to seek comfort in counting my blessings.  That was the original intent of this blog remember, a place to record and count my blessings.  Well here is a big one:

I love these ladies! My sisters, to whom I feel closer everyday, my mommy and my sweet nieces.  This photo was taken by a lovely bystander a couple weekends ago in St. Cloud.  Melody stayed in Alexandria with grandma for a week and this meet-up was to facilitate the swapping up of Mel.  Tahnee, Aubree and I just showed up for the fun of it.  This is probably the 4th time the girls have met up in St. Cloud for a get together, though this is the only time it included all of us.  The trip usually includes dinner, sometimes a movie and often a trip to the huge Savers in St. Cloud.  This time we all just hung out and ate at Panera.  It was wonderfully laid back and uplifting.  Thank you God for the joy these girls bring to my life.  I love you all like crazy and I hope you know it!