30 for 30

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Kendi, a style blogger at Kendi Everyday, has a 30 for 30 challenge that I have chosen to participate in.  You chose 30 items from your wardrobe and wear only those for 30 days.  You can mix and match it and add accessories.  In the 30 items you must include tops, bottoms and shoes but don't have to count accessories or coats.  The other part of the challenge is that you can't shop during those 30 days.

6 shirts (except swap out the blue striped shirt for a blue polka dot one)

2 dress and 1 tunic

3 skirts

2 sweaters and 4 cardigans

3 pairs of dress pants

2 pairs of jeans

3 pairs of boots

4 pairs of shoes

There you have it.  I have no idea if I made wise choices or's hoping!  Sometimes I think this will be really easy and other times I think I will run out of ideas after 10 days!  I will take pictures of each outfit and post them at the end of each week.  You should join me in the challenge!  My friend is also doing the challenge.  Check out her blog here.