So You Think You Can Dance-Double Dates

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This weekend Joel and I went on two double dates.  The first was with our friends the Pacygas.  We went to Cafe Latte for some delicious food and good company.  When we got home we were going to watch a movie but instead I went to 8:00...for the second night in a row.  Yup, I have been busy this month and it is catching up with me.  I am hoping my life will slow down after this week! The other double date was with Tahnee and Erik to see the So You Think You Can Dance tour at the Target Center.

When we took a bathroom break we were lucky enough to get to take some pictures with the stars of the show!  Tahnee about passed out after she got to stand so close to Kent and Joel nearly lost his voice after screaming every time Kent came on stage.  Good times were had by all :-)