favorite things we did this fall

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visiting my sister before and she dad baby Aubree

and after!

seeing Wicked with friends

camping with Joel

kayaking :-)

all of the date nights with Joel, especially making the blog together

going on a field trip to the apple orchard with Mr. Stewart as a chaperone

hosting Joel's family when they visited for Bethel's Homecoming last weekend

reading math books with this little girl :-)  I think we made about 10 bar graphs, pictographs and tally charts

I think we read 20 books and then she wanted to paint.

She makes me excited to have kids some day but nervous about how much energy will be required!  I am satisfied with babysitting for a little while longer!

watching Joel play with the tractor obsessed boy who walked around in the butterfly wings and pink galoshes that were way to big!

having a fall festival at school with my students we carved a pumpkin, for a lot of them it was their first time,we watched the Charlie Brown Halloween movie and decorated cookies.  There was also a party after school where we could wear costumes.  I dressed up as Super Mrs. Stewart, it was pretty hilarious.  I never knew how good it could feel to wear a cape...I need to figure out how to make it socially acceptable for me to wear a cape more often...any ideas?