date night

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This last weekend Joel and I went camping at William O'Brian State Park near Stillwater, MN.  

We packed up and headed out Saturday morning.  On the way we stopped in Marine on the St. Croix and walked around a bit.  It is a cute little town with a general store and a few restaurants.

We spent most of Saturday biking or walking on the trails and sitting by the lake discussing our hopes for life.  It was a gorgeous day out and I am so grateful to have had this relaxing time with Joel.

Next time we go we will definitely be bringing the kayaks with.  We can hop into the St. Croix river or paddle around Lake Alice.  It was interesting seeing how high the river was.  You can see the water is covering up the bases of the trees and the canoes have floated off of the racks.

It was funny seeing the No Parking signs near the boat launching area. Clearly this wouldn't be a good place to park!

We decided to eat dinner at the Freight House in Stillwater and afterwards went back to the campsite for a blazing fire and s'mores.  In the morning we packed up and went to breakfast at IHOP.  This was definitely not a weekend of "roughing it" but it did get pretty cold at night!  Our hopes were to spend time outdoors enjoying the fall and to get away from our huge to-do lists at home in order to enjoy each others company.  Mission accomplished.