wicked good date night

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Unfortunately this is the only image I have to share of last week's date night because we couldn't take pictures of the show.  If you haven't seen Wicked and  you enjoy musicals then you need to go!  It is so good.  We tried to read the book for book club last month and I don't think anyone actually got through the whole thing.  No one enjoyed reading it so I wouldn't recommend that as a substitute to seeing the show.  It was our second time seeing it and it was still incredible!  My favorite scene is the last of Act I when they do the song "Defying Gravity".  I bet everyone in the theater has chills when Elphaba sings that song.

I also included my "Red Ruby Slippers" beverage in the photo because there is something so luxurious about getting something to eat at a play or a movie.  It was sprite with blueberry flavor and it was so yummy!

A special thanks to Erica for getting us discounted tickets through school!  Call us to babysit anytime!