Wheel of Fortune!

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I have always loved watching Wheel of Fortune...probably because I am really good at solving the puzzles!  So a few weeks ago when I got an email saying there were going to be auditions in Minnesota I knew I had to go!  The best part about it was that it was going on near Brainerd which provided a great excuse to go spend the weekend with my VERY pregnant sister Tahnee!

The Wheelmobile

The mini version of the game show

Of course I had to line up to get a picture with Pat

and the lovely Vanna!

Isn't Tahnee so cute!  I kept hoping that she would have the baby while I was there but no luck.  Just a lot of kicks. That baby girl must be getting real cramped in there.  I hope for Tahnee's sake she comes soon and for my sake that she comes on a weekend!

I better get back on track with this post, it is so east to get distracted when thinking about my new niece coming.  Long story short, I didn't get my name drawn to go up on stage to play the game and audition.  It was kind of a bummer that it was all done at random.  We were there for about 5 hours.  Needless to say Joel was a very good sport and we were both thankful that he had his iPhone with to entertain himself.  My favorite part was having Tahnee there with me.  She and I both really like the show and it was fun to whisper and play along with her in the audience.  Maybe someday I will try again but for now Joel will just have to put up with me shouting out the answer while watching it at home.