enjoying the moment

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As part of our farmers market adventure I wanted to bike around that area and over the stone arch bridge with my mom. It was part of my "dream" for the morning. Let's just say that my great expectations of the morning almost prevented me from enjoying the moment as my plans didn't quite work out as envisioned.

First off, Joel thought he would have the car for going kayaking but I needed it for my bike. We worked it out, he came with for the biking and farmers market and went kayaking later.
Then we got to the Nice Ride hub to park and get my mom a bike and realized we didn't have enough quarters for the meter, but then I asked the homeless guy near by if he had any we could exchange for and he had one so that bought us some extra time. Then the computer that you use to rent the bike wasn't working very well. We finally got through the process but didn't see the code for unlocking the bike...ten minutes later after speaking to a company rep on the phone we got the code to unlock the bike. Finally we were ready to go! Joel went to put the quarters in the meter and the meter ate 2 of them! So now we only had enough to pay for 30 minutes. We decided to go and have Joel return early to move the car. Then I had a slight emotional moment (which wasn't fun, but I don't want to get into it...lets just say I am switching depression meds and feel a bit crazy at the moment). Thankfully we worked through that and got to a docking station for my mom's bike. We put it in and were going to get another one but the computer station there wasn't working at all and wouldn't give us a new bike. A few phone calls later we were told to walk back to the station we had started at to get a new bike! We decided to just to head towards the farmers market with my mom on the bike and me walking. Joel headed back to the car hoping he would get there before receiving a ticket. After he left I realized that I had another quarter in the storage on my made me laugh...I had stopped on a bike ride last month to pick up a quarter thinking it might come in handy some today if I had only remembered it!

By this point I was a little frustrated and sad that the perfect picture I had created in my mind for the morning wasn't quite working out. I was able to let it all go and decided to just enjoy the moment for what it was. It was a beautiful day outside, I was with my mom and Joel (two of my favorite people) I was in a great part of the cities surrounded by people out enjoying themselves and on the way to a farmers market.
After we went to the market we were able to get another bike for my mom and my dream of biking over the stone arch bridge with my mom was realized after all! Thank you to Joel and Mommy for your patience with me that morning. I hope you were able to enjoy yourselves as well!