twas the night before school

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Instead of going to bed early or spending my last minutes prepping for the first day of school, I choose to stay up a little bit past my bed time to try to bless others. On my way home from school on Tuesday I stopped by Target to pick up some bread and items for my lunches at school. I stopped by the flowers and thought how sweet it would be if Joel got me flowers, but knowing that I had the car and he had been busy this week, I knew getting flowers was an unlikely I decided to buy myself the flowers and give him the credit! Thanks Joel, they were just what I wanted!
When I got home I thought it would be nice to share my flowers with the three girls on my grade level team, and then I thought it would be nice to give some to my director and the front office staff as a thank you for all their work, but then I kept thinking of all of the people I work with and how nice it would be to surprise them with some flowers in the morning to wish them a great first day. So I got out all of the jars from our wedding and got to work splitting up the flowers. I also grabbed the tags that I use for labeling my items on etsy and wrote them each a little not thanking them or saying kind words etc. I decided to give all the boys on staff a card because I didn't have quite enough flowers and I don't really know how boys feel receiving flowers any ways.
So with $10 of flowers and about two hours of work I came up with this:
As I put these together and while driving to work I prayed for my school and co-workers. While staying up past my bed time might not have been the best idea, I think it was an appropriate way to get ready for the new school year as it is my goal to encourage and uplift my school this year in any way I can. Join me in encouraging others this week and in praying for my students and school if you are the praying type!