Joel said I could start another project since the house is clean...

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I bought these flower shaped bowls at Savers last week but didn't know where to put them. Then last night I came across a bar of handmade soap that I had gotten during a gift swap and it gave me an idea. I could redo our bathroom and then I would have the perfect place for my bowls and my soap!

I knew that Joel was going to be gone all day, out with his college friends for their annual golf event, so I decided to redo the bathroom as a surprise for him. Here is the blah beige before:
After a biking back and forth to target and menards for supplies and a few hours of work here is the after:

It is all finished except when Joel gets home he will be helping me install the new faucet.
I was going to try to do that myself but I decided that if I didn't do it correctly my "surprise" for Joel might not be as fun since the whole idea was to do all the work rather than making a mess he has to come take care of for me. I hope he likes it!