since I posted last

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It has been a few days since I are photos to summarize what I have done in the past week:

I enlisted Joel's help to get the top of my table attached and then I sanded it.

I came across this old church cook book and found this recipe for cookies that didn't have butter/dairy in them

They were delicious. I substituted butterscotch chips for half of the chocolate chips because I didn't have enough. Also I didn't include the walnuts because nuts should be optional when baking...I always opt out!

It made 4 dozen cookies. I shared them with Joel and with all of the staff at school. I went back to school this Tuesday. I can hardly believe my summer break is over!

I do a lot of my teaching in this area so I decided I wanted a cute chair to sit on. I went to Savers, of course, in search of a chair to paint or reupholster and found this wood one. I liked the simplicity of it and the spindle carvings on the legs and chair back. I spray painted it aqua and for $6 total had a new chair.

Last but not least I painted and brought the completed table to school. I think being able to bring my new table to school to see how it looks in my classroom helped me to have something to be excited about when I returned to school on Tuesday. It is already loaded up with art supplies and ready for kids to come be creative (hopefully they won't spill to much paint on it, but I guess that would just signify being well loved and used!)
Now that my classroom it cute and organized I will begin my actual teaching prep work which is of course more important but I needed to ease into the school year by doing the fun decorating part first.
I still have a couple items left on my summer to-do-list but I figure that since I don't actually teach students until September 1st I still have a little bit of summer left to finish.