kayak demo

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Joel has been wanting a kayak for a long time. Growing up he and his friends would kayak the Poudre River in Colorado. He has been missing the river since moving to Minnesota so about a month ago I agreed that we should get kayaks. Joel has been doing his research ever since then. On Thursday we went to a kayak demo hosted by Midwest Mountaineering at Lake Nokomis. We were able to try out several boats and we both really liked the Daggers.
After the event we went to Midwest to look at a few other boats that weren't at the demo. When we arrived there we saw they were having a event to celebrate winning Backpacker Magazines "Retailer Of the Year" award. There was music, food and prizes. We had been planning to go out to dinner but since this was free we stopped by. The first thing we did was spin the wheel to win prizes. I was hoping to win a water bottle, since I can never have to many of those, but won a spork instead. Then Joel stepped up and used his normal "wanting it real bad" strategy and won the grand prize $100 gift certificate!
So we went inside, used the gift card and a 20% off coupon and bought Joel his very own kayak: LiquidLogic Remix 10.

We didn't have our roof rack on the car yet so we had to go back the next day to pick up the kayak. Now Joel won't be jealous every time we see a car with a kayak on top!