hope you liked your present Joel!

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Today Joel got to take his new kayak to the lake for the first time! He was very excited and visited three lakes before choosing the one he wanted to play in! I sat in the car patiently as he looked at beaches and finally chose the one that fit the vision he had for his first time out. It was really cute!
Pushing off to begin his maiden voyage.
Me relaxing while Joel was out playing.

Visiting me post-paddle. He was VERY happy!
He sent me out to try it. We are still trying to decide what type of kayak to get for me. His was really nice!

Here is the video of Joel rolling his kayak for the first time. He did great, the only problem was that his spray skirt kept coming off as soon as he flipped over...he successfully rolled 4 times, each time the skirt was unsuccessful so we might need to buy him a different one.