Liv the builder: day one

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One of the items remaining on my summer to do list is to "make table". The picture above is the table that I want for my classroom this year. With one week remaining before I go back to school I decided that today was the day to start this project. So Shawn and I headed off to Home Depot. I went with the list of wood and supplies I needed, the size that the wood needed to be cut into and the hope that someone there would know what all of the numbers I had written down meant.

We returned home only 1 1/2 hours later thanks to the hard work of Kim, a friendly Home Depot employee. Without him the first stage of our quest could have taken hours! We got smoothies to celebrate all of his hard work and the successful completion of phase one: buying the wood.

As soon as we finished our smoothies we got right to work pre-drilling holes.
Here is our work after the completion of phase two: screwing boards together. That was all of the work we could do until I got my hands on some more power tools.

A few hours later through a friend of a friend I had my impatient hands on the jig saw I needed. 12 cuts and 30 minutes later I was sweaty and finished with phase three: cutouts.
While gathering materials for this project I couldn't find a sharp pencil to mark the cuts I needed so instead I grabbed a pen we have with a Jesus topper on it (courtesy of my friend Steph). You can see Jesus hard at work in the third picture above. I couldn't have gotten this far without Shawn's help and support, Ben's jigsaw, Joel's instructions on how to use the jigsaw without cutting off my fingers, Kim's wood expertise, a little bit of ambition on my part, the instructions found at knock-off-wood and of course Jesus' carpentry skills!
Tomorrow the saga will continue. I can hardly wait!