tbe day I nearly won the "Best Wife Award"

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This weekend we did an awesome event sponsored by New Belgium called the "Urban Assault" with our friends Shawn and Chris. It is a bike race in which you create your own course but must stop at 5 different checkpoints, complete challenges and find 2 mystery checkpoints. The winners did it in under two hours but we did it for fun and finished in about 3 hours. Over all we biked about 20 miles I think.
The Stewarts were team #172
Here we are after arriving at Checkpoint #5 and completing the piggyback polo challenge. So fun. I wonder if there is a league out there for this sport...we were pretty talented!
At the end of the race we had to complete a course riding little kids Big Wheels bikes. They were so fun. I absolutely loved the Smurf Big Wheels my grandparents had out at the farm so this challenge brought back happy memories for me!

This is the cute little boy that we were behind during one section of the race. He was riding a tag-a-long bike behind his dad. He was so cute. I will take one of a few years maybe!?! At one point we were going to go through a park and they had to turn around because of an art festival and when he rode by us again he said, "We have to find another way" in the cutest little melt your heart voice. Shawn and I were in love with him!

Here is the guy I am truly in love with though. We had so much fun together during this race. A big thank you goes out to Joel for getting and installing our new bike rack just in time to use it for this race.
My hero posing as a ranger at the event

Here is me during the limbo on teeny bike competition. I was truly hoping to win Joel one of the Urban Assault Timbuk2 messenger bags...but sadly I failed in the second round, I slipped and hit the cone holding the pole. Boo
But then I was given an opportunity to more than redeem myself...winning the grand prize that Joel has wanted forever, a New Belgium Cruiser bike. I thought it was the prize for the winner of the race but then learned it was part of the raffle. Joel and I used our "wanting it real bad" strategy and my number was called to be one of four people to compete in a triathlon to win the bike. I was so close, but in the end I was second and didn't win the bike for Joel. He did appreciated how bad I wanted it for him though.
This was a day filled with sweet memories as Joel and I try to cherish the last few days of summer!