sweet summer memories

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During one of my bike rides this week I remembered something from summer when I was growing up.

We used to ride our bikes to the bowling alley everyday to play one free game of bowling (you would think all this practice would have improved my bowling skills but I think we used the bumpers)
Here are a few other memories that have come back to me about my summers growing up that I don't ever want to forget:
*playing night games with all the neighborhood kids
*setting up the tent in the back yard and sleeping in it
*going to the beach and pouring water over mommy's feet to cool her off
*laying upside down on the couch and reading books
*biking to the library to get more books
*selling sweet corn at the farm
*the Augdahl's coming from Alaska to visit their grandparents every summer
*Douglas county fair (playing with the kittens in the barn area for hours)
*lemonade stands with the Unicorn Club members
*Casey's Amusement Park
*Back to school shopping at the end of summer
Being a kid was so carefree. Time seemed to move slower. I guess when you take out the responsibility of being a "grown up" then free time would be very abundant. Joel and I are trying to have carefree moments this summer and are trying to enjoy life as much as possible. Now that there are only a few days left of my summer vacation I am trying not to waste any of my precious remaining minutes!
I hope to do a "best moments from this summer" post soon, but it isn't over yet so I am going to go enjoy myself (aka, go read a bit of Lord of the Rings)
Post a comment to share some of your favorite summertime memories!