slumber party

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My sister and her husband where running a half-marathon on Saturday morning so they brought my niece Melody over for a sleepover with me! My mom also decided to come for the weekend so we all had a slumber party! It was so fun! Here are some of the highlights:

brushing our teeth together and reading bedtime stories
sewing Mel a Tinkerbell dress (she loves tinker) with her by my side helping with the design
Mel did some fun watercolor painting
It was hot out and we wanted to either swim or run in the sprinkler but Mel forgot her suit so I made her one from some stretchy fabric I had. Yes, my mom and I also put on our suits and played in the water too! It has been years since I have run through the sprinkler! It was SO fun
Hope Grandma doesn't mind me posting a pic of her in her swimsuit... but I think she looks great and that this is an adorable picture of the two of them!

We had a great time, I hope we can do it again soon!
I also hope that someday I have my own daughter to make cute things for and to craft with me!
Love you Mel and Mommy!