I never thought this would happen to me...

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A long time ago someone suggested that I read "The Hobbit". So I bought it and tried over and over again to get into it. I think I was too young. A few weeks ago I finished all of the books I has stacked and planned to read. I have a fine at the library because of a book I left at school over the I couldn't go desperation I turned to Joel's collection of books. There it was calling my name. I decided I would give it one last try. Two days later I had finished "The Hobbit" and started "The Fellowship of the Ring". I am obsessed. I am either reading the book or thinking about it pretty much all of the time. I am now on to "The Lord of the Rings" and last night Joel watched disc one of the extended edition of Fellowship with me. I hope to watch disc two tonight.

I am in love with this story...and that was totally not what I expected to have happen.