the canon works/date night

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I bought this camera on a whim thinking it would provide me a little bit of entertainment. Plus I loved the sound of the shutter when I clicked the button, that alone I thought was well worth the $5! Part of our date night for last week included getting film to see if the camera worked. I had a lot of fun taking pictures and was very happy when I developed the film yesterday...the camera still works! The pictures below are pictures I took on my digital camera of the original pictures. I didn't want to spend more money to get digital copies of the film because I wasn't even sure the camera would produce actual pictures. Forgive the poor quality and my shadow and reflections on the pictures!

While on our date we were driving in St. Paul and I saw this great old bus. I love the colors and the shape of the windows. I am a sucker for retro things. This isn't the best picture ever but it was one of my firsts and it was out the window of a moving car.

As part of our date we met up with our friend Caleb and the girl he likes ;-) We sat and watched the Red Bull Flutag event. It was really fun, but really hot! I love this picture of them...the original picture is great, not the picture of the picture. I like that you can see Joel and I in the reflection of their sunglasses. Also the sky was incredibly beautiful that day, and these two are good all the people we associate ourselves with!

Here is my favorite and most readily available photo subject. I think he is so good looking! The next few photos were taken while we sat in a booth at Mickey's Dining car.

I am probably the only one that will ever enjoy this picture but it so much a part of my regular life that I felt it was worthy of being captured. It is Joel on his iPhone. I also love that it shows the ring we just bought in Peru.

Here our cat Lindy looks innocent enough but if you look closely you can see a moth between her paws. She had been torturing the poor thing all morning, carrying it back and forth between the dining room and the living room. Naughty kitty, but cute picture!
After developing my film yesterday I found this shirt at Target. I thought it was funny and loved that the camera on it looked so much like mine! I just couldn't pass it up!