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One thing I hate to do is clean...there are just so many other things I would rather spend my time doing. But I do love it when my house is clean...especially the bathrooms. I decided to try to motivate myself to keep the bathrooms clean by replacing all of my bathroom cleaning supplies with earth friendly ones. I also bought a little caddy so that I can easily bring all of the supplies to all three bathrooms. We'll see how long this can motivate me...I think it will work! I also hope to phase out all non-green products in the house...maybe that will be a treat for me if I get better at routinely cleaning my house! Thankfully Joel is very helpful or we would live in a pigpen!
I do realize that the rubber gloves and the plastic caddy probably aren't the most earth friendly products, but I also have my own germ phobia to contend least I am moving in the right direction!