day three: machu picchu

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A few things about Machu Picchu city
1. It was pretty amazing
2. The first thing I said when we entered was "holy cow"
3. The Incans were very skilled builders, look how they used the natural rocks and added in carved rocks
4. The tour guides don't necessarily always tell you the truth, but at least ours had a great hat

5. It was definitely worth the trek to go see it
6. The llamas that are employed there to eat the grass will also eat your food
7. Joel's favorite part was probably the llamas
8. my favorite part was probably how they carved canals for the water
9. It would have been tough to be a farmer at Machu Picchu, I can't imagine farming the terraces
10. As only fitting me, (if you know me you will agree) I took a nap there