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Here we are "camped" out in the food court of the Lima airport. We had to wait for out flight to Cusco and Shawn had the genius and hilarious idea of pitching her tent!
The stairs up to our hostel...when you factor in the altitude, I was tired by the time I reached the top. Which is probably why this picture was taken half-way up them. Any excuse to take a break.
the view outside of Shawn's room at the Loki Hostel in Cusco

Happy to have our own room at the hostel. We were very tired after 4 flights and more than 30 hours of travel!

Here is Joel with one of the many cups of coffee he consumed in Peru.

I liked this little bowl of sugar at another cafe. I was also very tired at this point and was probably taking pictures to keep myself awake while waiting for my food!

While in Cusco we visited the Temple of the Sun. Inside it were a few Incan temples. It was a very strange place to tour though. It was evident that the Catholics came, conquered and took over the temple areas. Over the temples they built a big museum and filled it with catholic artwork. It was kind of strange and sad to see this. I did love the gardens outside though. Here I am stopping to smell the roses.

Please forgive the underlining! I can't get it to stop!