Is my love affair with dairy really over?

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After a lIfelong love affair with dairy...and eight long and painful years of being unable to digest it I have finally decided to give it up! I arrived at that decision about a month ago after getting very sick and having all of the muscles in my chest tighten up. This was a new development. Clearly my side affects were continuing to worsen. I finally decided that dairy was not worth it. I spent one day feeling lost and unsure if I could actually do this but I have felt great about it ever since! There are still so many delicious things to eat. I am still eating things that have milk or butter cooked in them but otherwise I am trying to avoid it as much as possible.

I have been surprised with how easy this has been. I feel very grown up having come to this decision finally! I decided I wouldn't eat any dairy until I got home from our Peru trip as a trial period.
When Joel and I got home from Peru we had pizza for dinner.I chose to treat myself to a little cheese...but I paid for it the next day. Today I split a mcflurry with my mom, my favorite ice cream treat. It is the one thing I have truly been craving. The first bite was delicious, seriously delicious. But after a few more I was over it! I was disenchanted with ice cream. I never thought this day would come. So if anyone wants to come over and eat the rest of the ice cream in my freezer stop on by!