living it up

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It is our last day in South America. We have loved being here but we are also very excited to get home. I miss my cat, my bed, my sewing machine and my bike! We decided to stay at a nice hotel after staying in hostels for the rest of the trip. We are staying at Malia Lima on the top floor, executive lounge with snacks, open bar and breakfast included. It is pretty nice! I am typing this on a HP TouchSmart computer, the whole screen is touch screen, like a giant iPad! We aren{t quite sure what we are going to do with our last day here. We are torn between staying in luxury, between soft sheets and just relaxing or heading out into Lima. Yesterday Shawn brought us to an artist market that she had visited last time she was here. She bought a beautiul piece by the artist...Joel and I both really liked his work as well so we bough two pieces by him as well. It was fun to buy art directly from the artist and at a extremely affordable price too! We might return to that market today and visit the coast.

I am excited to get home to post pictures of the trip on my blog. It has been a very beautiful and adventureous trip! Thank you to Shawn for all of your planning and for inviting us to come! We hope to do a lot more traveling in the future, now that Joel has caught the travel bug too!
Love you all! We will be home tomorrow afternoon!