100th post!

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This is my 100th post! How fun that I am doing it in Peru! Today´s activities have included: hiking up a mountain, drinking amazing water from a mountain top spring (as you know I am a connoisseur of water and this was delicious, cold and refreshing), then we ate lunch by some ruins with our first views of Machu Picchu across the valley, next we hiked down the other side of the mountain, soaked our feet in the river at the bottom of the valley, saw a beautiful waterfall, caught the train to Aguas Caliente and now I am sitting here blogging. Thank God the internet is faster today!
I can´t wait to get home to post the pictures we have taken. It is incredible here! Thankfully the friends we are traveling with have great cameras and are taking beautiful pictures that I will get to share with you! Joel and I have barely taken any pictures because we know their´s will be so great and we can just relax and enjoy the view!
Tomorrow morning we will leave our hostel at 6 am to catch the bus to Machu Picchu! After that we will be returning to Santa Maria to pick up our backpacks and then we will continue traveling on to Ollantaytambo where we will stay for our last night before traveling back to Cuzco in order to catch our flight to Lima.
We will be there for one day and then we will head home. I am having a great time but I miss my sewing machine! I know, I am weird but I have been having so much fun creating this summer that I can´t wait to get back to my craft room!
Love you all!
p.s. sorry my posts are so factual, I will post more when I get home and can include pictures!