safe but sleepy

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Dear family and friends we are alive and safely checked into our hostel in Cuzco, Peru! We spent all of Saturday traveling. We started in Minneapolis, went to Chicago, Miami, Lima and finally Cuzco. We slept a little bit when ever we could by were very tired when we arrived in Cuzco this morning around 7 AM. After stopping by Loki, our hostel, we went out for a delicious breakfast at Jakes.
Everyone was very happy to refuel with coffee (except for me that enjoyed water of course) and to have a break from moving!
We toured the city a bit and decided to try to get massages to help get rid of the traveling/sleeping in weird positions cramps. It was a very interesting experience to say the least! We all left feeling a little sore, a little violated and very happy it only cost us $20 to get out of there! We were all laughing hysterically at the situation but were very eager to go wash again the funk we felt afterwards. We then made the hike back to our hostel to take hot showers, rest and get ready for dinner. I am currently waiting on my food to come. I hope that eating, drinking the hugest bottle of water, the altitude pill I just took and a solid nights sleep with leave me ready for more adventures tomorrow!

sadly none of my pictures are loading and the battery on Kristin's laptop is about to run out. I will try to post again soon and include some pictures!
Love you!