big day for me!

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I am so excited because I have started selling some of the things I create. I have sold 6 items through my etsy store, three of them being to people I don't even know! This is a picture of me heading to the post office because of my latest development...a salon and spa in Pequot Lakes called J Amelia's is going to be selling my headbands! This picture reminds me of the pictures we always took on the first day of school, but instead it is my first day selling my products in a store. My sister Tahnee goes to this salon and the last time she was there the owner commented on the headband she was wearing. She told her that her sister makes them and the owner said I should sell them there. So during my trip to visit Tahnee I stopped by with a few to talk to her about it. As of Friday she should have 10 of my headbands set up for sale! I am having so much fun going through this creative process. I have always loved making things but now I am working on branding myself so that the presentation of the items when they are packaged etc. reflect me. So fun! Here is an image of a few of the headbands that are for sale.