sweet dreams

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I have had nightmares for as far back as I can remember. Lately my nightmares were occurring in the same place night after night. I had discussed my dreams in the past with my counselor. One thing she suggested was to examine them and see what I could learn from them. I did that and learned a few things from my dreams but that did not make the nightmares go away. My dreams have always been vivid, realisitic and very stressful. I wake up in the morning remembering everything and feeling like I had actually experienced everything in my dream.
I decided to visit a counselor again to see if there was anything they could do to help get rid of my nightmares. I saw this counselor before when Joel and I were having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after a scary car incident (Joel having food poisioning and getting sick while he was driving on the highway). After this incident we would both become nauseous any time someone slammed on the brakes. We both went through a process called EMDR. After one session we were both cured. After one session discussing my dreams and doing EMDR I have been having sweet dreams! I have gone an entire week and had only one nightmare. That dream started out pleasant and took a turn to become scary. As soon as my dream started to turn scary I stepped away from the dream and went to my safe place just like we had practiced during my counseling session. It was amazing! Besides that one dream all of my other dreams have been wonderful. Instead of being alone and scared in my dreams I am surrounded by loved ones, having fun and laughing a lot!
I feel very blessed in life and in my sleep right now.
Thank you to my counselor for your help!
(edited to use a different picture since my mom said I looked dead in my other one! Is this better?)