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Tonight we went through the McDonald's drive-thru to get a McFlurry for me. It is amazing how something so simple, like placing an order, can bring out the differences between Joel and I.

Joel is the most laid back, go with the flow, easy going guy ever. He doesn't really care what we do, what we eat for dinner, he is always happy to do whatever. This works VERY well for our relationship because I am...not like that...sometimes! For example I like my McFlurries easy on the reese's. If it has too much reese's I don't want it and I don't mind asking for a special order. Joel usually "gets what he gets and doesn't have a fit" (a phrase I use frequently with my first graders).
The reason I bring this up is because tonight Joel was driving the car through the drive thru and had to place my picky order, something I now realize he hates to do! I hadn't ever really thought about it because it is 100% my nature to order food exactly how I like it, if I am out to dinner with friends and someone at the table needs something but is shy about asking, I am always willing to go and ask for them because I can't stand it someone else isn't happy and it would be so easy to fix the problem!
I say all this just to state that Joel is wonderfully patient. I have always know this about him, but tonight after realizing how different our personalities are, I am realizing just how often he is willing to do things MY way, or is just so laid back he is happy to do things anyones way.
Dear Joel,
I love you and your easy going personality, it is one of the reasons we have such a great relationship. We rarely have any type of conflict and I know you are a big reason why! I love you so much.
p.s. I am really sorry you are working so late tonight! I am praying for you!
Dear God,
Please help all of the bugs in the code to go away quickly (thankfully you know more about the problem than I do).
Please let our children by easy going like Joel and not stubborn like me!