an evening full of my favorite things

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After school was done today I had dance practice. I love to dance! This Friday is our schools end of the year showcase and part of the performances will include a dance by the teachers! After dinner tonight Joel and I went for a walk around the pond in our backyard. It was beautiful outside. I have really missed the warmth of the sun on my skin and the smell of flowers blooming. It was also a nice time to slow down and catch up with Joel.
When we returned home Joel and I both spent some time working on our hobbies and then we watched this week's episode of Chuck.
I am working on crafting a different kind of headband than I have done before. It will be part of a little gift package I am going to send to a friend. After that I did a little painting with watercolors. I made a card and a couple of bookmarks. Nothing special, but definitely fun for me!
I better go to bed now. The first and second graders are going on a field trip to the zoo tomorrow! It should be a beautiful day, please pray that all of my students are extremely well behaved for all of the chaperones and for me as well!