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Joel and I both love spending time working on various hobbies. Today we were both very inspired to get some work done. I was sewing and he was working with his/our computers.

I made this dress using a t-shirt that I cut for the top and then I made the bottom out of some jersey and made a belt out of some printed linen that I bought today.
Here is what it looks like on me.

Here is Joel's work station. Yup, it has 8 apple products, including his new laptop and my new iPad! There is one more Mac mini computer not pictured too!
Thankfully Joel is also able to make money with his hobby. Hopefully some day I will be able to make some money with mine too! For now I love creating things for myself and to give as gifts.
For anyone keeping track of the projects I have mentions previously, I did complete the quilt. I really liked the way it turned out. I already gave it to my sister Lacey and don't have pictures of it finished. I still haven't started the "Frock by Friday" dress that I posted about a week ago. I have the fabric and all of the supplies that I need but I am not inspired to make it yet. I think part of the problem is that I will be using a pattern to make it. I prefer to make most of my projects without a pattern and just make them work, rather than having to follow step by step directions. I really enjoy the creative process of making things without a pattern.
Have I mentioned I love my craft room and my husband lately? Well I do, a lot!