R.I.P. cell phone

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While this might not seem an event worth recording to most people, for me it is a sad day, the end of an era if you will.
Tonight I turned my back on the sprint plan and the samsung phone that has served me without fail for the last four years. Over those four years I have lost my phone a couple of times and it had found it's way home. It had been dropped countless times and it withheld the beating quite well. It was only until a month ago that the phone started showing signs of its age. It started turning off randomly, freezing and not always being able to receive or make calls. In truth, most people would have gotten rid of it long ago. But my typical outlook on the use of items is that I will use them as long as they work, I will put up with small problems/annoyances because it is easier for me that way. Yesterday we tried going to sprint and having them put all my info it the identical phone that Joel no longer used but that did not fix the problem. So today my phone was completely useless. It no longer performed any function a cell phone should.
Dear cell phone,
Thank you for faithfully performing your duties, you have been my constant companion and I will miss your familiarity. I want to thank you on behalf of myself, my friends and family for all of the phone calls you allowed me to make and receive. There have been some truly memorable conversations I have been able to have because of you. I am truly sorry for all of the times I dropped you! You may rest in peace knowing you have done your job well.
Dear new phone,
You have some big shoes to fill. I will try to care for you better than I did my last phone, please forgive me as I have the tendency to drop things. It's not you, it's me. Please bear with me as I figure out how to use you. Please be patient as I am mourning my old phone and might not truly appreciate you until you are old and failing as well. Thank you for having my same phone number and for having a cheap plan. Thank you in advance for the phone calls and texts you will deliver for me.