grow and thrive

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It is truly spring around here. My mom came this weekend and planted some flowers and vegetables for us. Everyone send up a prayer for my plants! I hope they live and produce lots of veggies for us! Here is my rockstar mom on day two of planting!
Here is the green pepper plant. Yum.
Here is one of the many tomato plants. Please give me at least one tomato!
Here is one of the hopefully delicious yellow pepper plants prior to being planted.
Upon arriving home I am now greeted by these pretty flowers in the flower box outside the garage.
I love all of them mommy! Thank you for all your hard work. Don't worry I remembered to water them again yesterday and I am about to go water them again today.
This Sunday my family celebrated baby Myles 1st birthday and attended his baby dedication at Church of the Open Door.
Here his parents and sponsors are anointing him with oil.
Happy Birthday Myles! He was not shy about eating his cupcake!
And one more little one baking in the oven that should arrive this fall...

nope, not me but my "little" twin sister Tahnee and her husband Erik! Congratulations :-)
May all of these little ones, plants and people, grow and thrive!