playing with my newest toy

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After church and delicious pancakes at IHOP we stopped at Savers to see if they had any glue guns since mine has been MIA after I lent it to a parent during the Wiz performance. I am considering it lost now but I need a glue gun for some crafting projects I have been wanted to make for gifts.
Our stop at Savers was a success (as most stops at Savers are for me!) Not only did I find what may potentially be the BEST glue gun ever (the battery is currently charging, who knew that there were battery powered ones?) but I also found a great blazer and shirt for Joel and he found a great art kit for me. I like to draw quilts that I am designing to see the possible color combinations and was in the market for some colored pencils. Well now I have colored pencils, watercolors, crayons and markers in a neat kit. It may have been designed for a elementary student but I plan to do great things with it!
Lindy of course came to investigate the newest toy we got for her.

Here is what I did while playing around with my colored pencils tonight. It is supposed to be Joel, myself and Lindy.