date night oh how I love thee

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Friday night is date night. It is sacred. I love it. I start getting really excited on Thursday knowing that tomorrow if Friday, the work week will be over and soon I will be hanging out with Joel without any other distractions. I am sad that it took us almost 4 years to get serious about date night but I am SO glad that we did! Usually we do pizza and a movie at home. It is relaxing and wonderful. This week Joel wasn't interested in pizza so I threw out the idea of going to buy each other "Chucks" or converse All Stars. I have wanted a pair ever since I saw The Sandlot at a friends sleepover at about the age of 10. To be honest I never thought I was "cool enough" to own or wear a pair. But I am over that now. Here are my new and most favorite shoes! Soon Joel will have a matching pair in black. I can't wait :-) He looks so cute in them!

After shopping we went home and watched the movie The Informant. It was pretty funny. I can't believe it was based on a true story.
p.s. I love you Joel