baby shower in my classroom

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The day we returned to school after spring break was a teacher work day. That is one of the things that I love about my school. We always have a work day at school to get things ready before the kids return from break. It is a great transition time for me and it really allows me to enjoy the break without thinking about what I need to get ready for school.
I didn't end up getting much work done on that work day because I was busy decorating for a baby shower in my classroom. It was really fun hosting a party there, I wish I could have left all the table clothes and flowers on the desks...pretty sure my first graders would have handled that well!
This was the view from my desk of all the students desks covered for the party.
There are three teachers at school expecting babies in May so we decided to throw them a shower at school. I was part of the decorating committee for the shower. I wanted to do a spring picnic themed party. I tried to find decorations that would be reusable to have a more classic feeling and to be earth friendly! I bought all of the table clothes at savers. I had all of the mason jars from my wedding decorations. I purchased them at a garage sale originally. I filled the jars with fresh flowers from cub. All of the fresh flowers made me even more anxious for summer! At the end of the party I sent the flowers with teachers to brighten up their desks on the first week back from break. I still have some on my desk that are alive and pretty.
We had a potluck lunch that was delicious. My contribution is pictured above (not a great pic but oh well). I decided to stick with the spring theme and make these special K type desserts and shaped them into nests and then added spring colored m&ms as the eggs. They were cute and so delicious. I served them on the cake stands that I made.
The party was a success. Everyone had a great time and I think my decorations helped to set the mood! Now I have all of these great table clothes to use again. Who wants to have a party?