ten things that make me very happy

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  1. books that make me laugh out loud
  2. holding my husbands hand
  3. creating
  4. brightening someones day
  5. putting away silverware
  6. ice cream
  7. making breakfast for friends
  8. laughing with kids
  9. my family
  10. when my cat snuggles with me
  11. cats purring
  12. treasure hunting at thrift stores
  13. sending letters or gifts in the mail
  14. receiving letters or gifts in the mail
  15. dancing with my husband
  16. water
  17. the seasons changing
yes I am aware that there are 17 things on that list...but it is my list and I can do what I want! Comment with your list of ten (or more) things that make you happy. I would love to know!