spring break

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I am on spring break now, thank God! I am relaxing, taking a lot of long luxurious naps with my cat and doing whatever I want! It is very refreshing.

I have done a little bit of spring cleaning. It has felt really good to get rid of things we no longer use. Usually I am too sentimental about possessions to get rid of anything, but not this week! I am sick of having to ask Joel to move junk around in the basement so that I can reach something I need. Needless to say he is sick of it too :-)
My mom and sisters and basically anyone that has lived with me can speak to the fact that I am a little bit messy and I tend to leave a trail of things behind me where ever I go. But I am really trying to change this habit. I am really working on picking up after myself immediately so that I don't have to spend the week living in a messy house and the weekend cleaning up. I am proud to say that I am actually doing very well! I have discovered that I only like cleaning up and putting things away when everything has its place and that there is enough room for everything to be put away. For example, a lot of the time I don't like putting my clothes away and clean clothes will sit in the laundry hamper for days. I have discovered that I am more motivated to put clothes away if I have enough hangers for all everything and drawers with plenty of room to put things away in. So to help I have cleaned out my closet and am trying to keep only things that I wear and not things I am sentimental about.
I think this is a sign I am growing up!
I am sure that my mom is wishing I had discovered this about myself in high school... I would like to take this time to formally apologize to my mom for my perpetually dirty room in high school. I am sincerely sorry!
Over break I have also been spending a lot of time with my friend Shawn. We both love to go to thrift stores so we did that on tuesday. She helped me make two cake stands. I will be using them at my girls brunch this weekend and for a baby shower at work. I am sure I will add pictures from one of those events. Yesterday Shawn and I worked on painting a mural of birch trees on her bedroom wall. It was so fun! I will post pics of it when it is done but for now here is our inspiration from this blog.

Today I slept in, relaxed, took a nap, did laundry and then sewed three baby slings for the upcoming baby shower. It felt SO good to sew. It has been too long. I hope to do some more sewing before spring break is over.

Joel cooked dinner and then we went for a walk. It has been gorgeous outside this week! So that is my break so far. I didn't make any plans so that I would have a lot of time to sleep. Now I am going to go read in bed until I fall asleep :-)

I hope you are all doing well.