the musical is done!

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I have been busy working for months with the 4th-8th grade students at school on a production of "The Wiz"and this weekend we pulled it off and now it is DONE! I am very thankful for the relationships I have been able to develop with these students but I am also very thankful that it is done! I don't have to stay after school for practices anymore! I hope I will have more energy to pour into my classroom and into my personal life.
Joel, my mom, friends Shawn, Chris and Michael and Emily were all there to show their support for me. It was so great! They got to meet a lot of the my students and co-workers and have a little glimpse into my work life. Thank you all for coming!
This morning we had a brunch at our house. I love breakfast and I love cooking it for friends. My fantastic husband planned and organized the event while I slept in!
We had eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, waffles and monkeybread. Michael and Erin provided some comic relief as they mixed the waffles!
I love my family and friends. After breakfast we cleaned up and hung for a bit. Then I took a 6 hour nap! I am tired and trying to prep myself for one more week of teaching before spring break.