dancing in our new shoes!

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It has become a tradition that I go out to Picossa for dancing with anyone that wants to go for my birthday. Saturday night I went out salsa dancing with my friend Jonell. She and I went out for a girls night...but I was yawning the whole way there! We were driving into the cities when I am usually tucking myself into bed! Once we got there I woke up and we danced for hours. I wore my new black wedges that I gifted to myself and Jonell wore this hot new pair of heels!
She danced until she could barely walk! We had such a great time on our girls night out, the boys were lined up to dance with us :-) But they were all very respectful, everyone was there to dance. Just the way I like it. I hope that when I have kids I will have a hot pair of dancing shoes out by my kids galoshes and not shoved at the back of the closet collecting dust. Jonell is an inspiration. She is a wonderful mother, wife and college professor that still finds time and energy to go out with the girls! Love you Jonell!