birthday week day one!

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The first year Joel and I were married he surprised me by planning a week of gifts for my 22nd birthday. This is probably my favorite tradition! At the end of the week I feel so blessed, cared for, special and thought of. Knowing that Joel spends time thinking of ways to make me smile makes me feel special.
I have been a little sad with my birthday approaching because Joel will be traveling for work for half of my birthday week. But knowing Joel I am sure he will find ways to make it up to me, plus I am so excited that he gets to go to the conference in San Francisco.
Day one of my birthday week has been fabulous! Joel said we had a mission to go on. We went to the Rosedale Mall and he walked me into Herbergers and said we were not leaving until we chose a perfume for me! We have talked about this before and smelled perfume until we both had headaches but had never found one we liked. Today we were successful in our mission! We narrowed it down to two scents, sprayed one on each of my wrists and decided to break for dinner. While we were waiting for our table we keep smelling the two and after about five minutes we knew which one we wanted. We went back and purchased Burberry Brit and we both love it!

Next we went on to our favorite restaurant, Big Bowl.

We had chicken lettuce wraps and ginger mint tea

panang red curry stir fry

and a delicious banana cashew egg roll dessert with dark chocolate dipping sauce.
Not that it was ever in question, but I have the BEST husband ever!

Here was my fortune. Fitting I think. Oh and we dipped our fortune cookies in the left over dark chocolate sauce. Could this get any better...seriously?

Our server was great and she was excited that we were out celebrating a birthday, hence the free delicious dessert. She said her birthday is on Tuesday. So when it came time for tipping I turned the receipt into a card and present and we left her a nice tip. I hope it made her smile and feel special!

As I am typing this I have a purring kitten on my lap.
I am about to go to bed feeling perfectly happy!
I love you Joel, thank you for loving me so well.