my beautiful weekend

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My weekend started early because we had a staff development day at school on Friday. I was able to sleep in because I didn't need to be at school until 9. Then we had a great meeting about Responsive Classroom strategies. It was very inspiring and I hope to start using some of the ideas this week.

After school I met up with my friend Shawn and saw her new office. Then we stopped into a really cute yarn shop close by. We only had a little time together because my mom was on her way to my house for the weekend. My favorite thing about good friendships is that you can hang out for a little bit here and there, each time picking up right where you left off. We are just thankful to get to see each other when we can.
When I got home I found my mom cleaning our bathroom! She came to visit and to clean my house for my birthday present! We chatted for a bit and then I was out the door again.
Joel and I ran out to Steph's 27th birthday party at her new house! We had a great time visiting with all of the quality people in her life and seeing her great house. She is so grown up now! I was able to catch up with a bunch of friends that I worked with at camp. It was so fun and I am hopeful that I will see them again soon.
Saturday my mom and I got up and went to the Infusion Groove class at Lifetime. It was a great class and really fun to do with my mom. It is a combination of dance, yoga and strength training. Next we went to Savers, one of our favorite places! I found a few costumes for the school musical. When we got back to my house my sister Lacey and niece Melody were there. We hung out, ate Chipotle and played many games of Candyland! We also worked to make a fleece tie blanket for Mel. It was a beautiful day outside so we also went for a walk.
Then my mom and I finished reupholstering my grandma's rocking chair. I started that project over Thanksgiving break and had been stumped as how to finish the base. Joel helped problem solve with me and in the end he confirmed what I thought I should do. It looks great in our bedroom now and it was so nice to cross that off my list of things to do.
For dinner we had Papa Johns pizza, a personal favorite of ours. Then my mom gave me a fantastic massage and when I came downstairs I got to sit by a fire that Joel had made for me and read my book.

My step-dad Brian showed up late Saturday night. We chatted for a little bit before I went to bed.
Sunday morning I made omelets for my mom and Brian (if you know me, you know I love making breakfast for people!) We had a good conversation over breakfast. It has been a long time since I was able to just hang out, relax and talk with my mom and Brian like that.
I am very thankful for all of these things and will treasure the memory of this weekend.
It has been a very busy weekend so far and it is not over yet. Joel is starting my birthday week and we are about to head out. I will keep you posted about my week. I hope you have a great end of the weekend and a great week to follow!