trying to look on the bright side

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I am exhausted today. Like "angry at the world because I have to get out of bed exhausted". I hit my snooze button too many times and was pouting like a two year old in bed refusing to get up. Thankfully Joel said he would get out of bed with me. So I set the alarm to let us sleep for 10 more minutes. The thing that finally ripped me out of bed was the sound of my cat puking. Awesome. I have high hopes for this day already!
So to help get me out of my funk I am going to try to look at the bright side:
before Lindy puked, but after my tantrum in bed, Joel rubbed my feet for me
I got to the cat before she puked on my new blanket
Joel got out of bed with me
He cleaned up the vomit
Joel turned on good music
he started the dishwasher
I have a cute outfit to wear
I love corn flakes with bananas and get to have them for breakfast
my cat snuggled me last night
I can come home right after school today
Hopefully this will help me get through the day without biting someone's head off. I will keep you posted.