treating myself

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Posting my to do list on here did the trick...well that and knowing that I could give myself a gift if I finished! I got it all done, except that instead of going to church I listened to a sermon at home.
Joel was gone all weekend. He was at a cabin with friends, where I would have been if I had had a voice. So I decided to rest my voice but still try to get a lot of things done at home. In the end Joel came home to a clean house and I bought myself a new pair of shoes!
I don't usually buy myself random gifts and almost always discuss every purchase with Joel before making it, or have at least given him warning that I am in the market for a new (fill in the blank). I think that is what made this gift feel extra special. I had worked hard and felt like I earned it and could therefore buy myself a pair of shoes that I wanted without needing permission.
The shoes came in the mail 4 days later! They were cute and comfortable and I got several compliments on my outfit :-)

I bought them from and they win for presentation! Not only do I love the shoes but I loved the experience of opening them! When purchasing them online they asked if they were a gift, I said yes, because they were a gift to myself and this is how they came packaged. It also came with a card that had a love note that I had written to myself, yup I am a nerd, but I appreciated it! I feel like I am frequently looking for ways to bless others and it felt nice to send a little blessing my way.