yes please

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I love my crafting space so much and I feel incredibly blessed to have it. The picture below is not my crafting space but a girl can dream. When I grow up I want my craft area to look like this! It is from pottery barn and would cost over $1,000 for furniture alone. But I am going to make it myself... well Joel is going to help me make it... he just doesn't know it yet! Just one more thing to add to the honey do list :-) It is so pretty, I literally can not stop looking at it. I also love the big calendar on the wall, can I have that too Joel?

There is a blog called Knock Off Wood that I am blown away by. A stay at home mom makes her own plans and builds furniture just like this and provides the plans so that people like me can eventually make it for themselves! Check out her blog if you are interested in having new furniture and are willing to put in the work to save the money!
Soon I will post pics of my current crafty area but for now you can dream with me. If you are ever interested in being crafty give me a call!