no voice

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I made it all the way to February without taking a sick day. But my streak is over. I have lost my voice. I stayed home on Thursday and Friday of this week. All I did was sleep. I went to the doctor today and she said it was just a virus. She said to have hot tea and honey and try not to talk this weekend if I want to go to work on Monday. So my big weekend plans had to be canceled. Every year a group of college friends get together and stay at a cabin in Wisconsin. I would definitely be doing a lot of talking and laughing if I went so I decided to stay home. Plus I didn't want to get anyone else sick. Joel left this evening with a couple of our friends. There is no way I would ask him to stay home because this is his favorite thing. He looks forward to it all year.

So now I am at home with the weekend to myself. Here is my to do list. It is boring but I am posting it in hopes that it will keep me accountable so I won't waste the entire weekend.
go to the library, return books and check out new books for my first graders
do laundry
do the dishes
clean and oil the sewing machine
figure out how to oil my sewing machine
clean up crafty space
create...journals, headbands, bag
clean screens
go to church
and maybe if I am a good girl and I get a lot of this done I will treat my self to something, treat TBD