allergic to noise

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Today was a very bad day at school. Snapshot: kids getting kicked out, the music teacher saying this was the worst my kids have ever been, my students being late to lunch because it took them so long to line up (which cut my 20 minute lunch down to 10), having to send a letter home to all the parents about how the day was. I didn't even give my kids hugs at the end of the day. I said I would hug them when they have a better day! Brutal I know. At the end of the day I talked about how I have a huge headache and asked students if they know why? A student raised their hand and said, "because we were really loud and not following directions." I said yes and added that I am allergic to noise and it makes me feel sick when they are that loud. Did you know you could develop allergies to kids screaming?

Please pray for a snow day tomorrow!
Highlight of the day: a man standing by a stoplight asking for handouts wiped the snow off of my window and mirror so that I could see. His sign said "God Bless You". I felt like that was God loving me and encouraging me to go on.