Glimpses of Myself

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To combat the recent burn out I decided to take a day off. I am so glad I did because I feel like myself again! It has been quite a long journey but I am learning to take care of myself.
Thursday night I was able to stay up late with friends because I didn't need to wake up in the morning. I had a great time hanging out with my friend talking crafty and making big plans!
Friday I woke up and made pancakes. Then I put my clothes away (leftovers from the huge laundry events from my last post). After that I snuggled up and napped with my cat. This was long over due as my cat hasn't so much as looked at me in weeks. What a punk. Then I met up with a friend for lunch to celebrate her and her new job! It was so fun to see her office, yes she has a desk, she is so grown up now! I am so proud of her and I am happy to see her be able to use her gifts. She is now working for an Ethiopian adoption agency. Anyone want to take bets on how long I can hold out from adopting one?
After lunch I went home and napped again. Then we headed up north to visit my sister. We are here for the weekend to celebrate my niece's 4th birthday and Tahnee and my birthday next month.
On a side note: as I type this I can hear my niece in the shower telling her mom, "You got water in my eye, I am not going to be your friend!" So funny!
The weekend started off with a really fun scavenger hunt (I will post the video later). Saturday I was able to be crafty and use my sister's card making supplies. I love being crafty and getting to use different mediums. Don't worry Joel I am not running out to get supplies for another hobby. Here are the cards I made. You can see next to the friendship card that there is a whole stack of them. These will be the invites to a party I am plotting to celebrate my friendships and my birthday.

In the evening we had a little party to celebrate Melody's 4th and our upcoming 26th birthdays!
Then I decided that since it's my party I can take the middle piece if I want to!
Looks like all I needed to feel better was a day off, time with friends and family and some crafty time. Now that I have had a glimpse of the real me I realize just how stressed out I have been. My goal is to decrease the stress so if I seem stressed call me out on it!