small victories

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Here are a few moments of victory in my life lately:

Today I decided that it is okay to request a day off for no reason other than I want one!
I also decided it is okay to cut down an after school commitment to one day a week instead of two. I realize that people can get things done without me so I am going to cut back for my own sanity!
and one that just warmed my heart:
Last week I was collecting my student's spelling tests and K said to me "I did my best Mrs. Stewart." He got less than 50% on the test but he tried and didn't whine like a few other students after the test. This actually felt like a huge victory for me. I tell my students all the time, "Do your best, work hard and never give up. To hear these things come out my students mouths as they try to encourage others and as they speak about themselves makes all of my hard work worth it. Now if I could only get K to get better scores on his spelling tests!!!