Prayer and Ice Cream

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Well I got through the rest of the week. I am very tired but very happy because it is Friday.

I have been overwhelmed this week partially because some of my students have tough stuff going on at home which equals out of the ordinary behavior problems, stress and my heart breaking for them. I am also stressed out because of two very small comments from two parents that have me questioning myself. But I know that I am a great teacher and just need to realize that I can't please everybody and that I can only do so much. I am also worried because conferences are on Monday and I am not sure my self-esteem can handle any negative things parents might say. I am hoping that at least one parent will say thank you and that will help me to keep going. I really am trying my best to be a good teacher but to also have a personal life. I think I am doing a pretty good job.
But for now, I am praying. Praying for my students and their families and praying for myself that I will have the energy and perseverance to continue. If you are the praying type, then please pray with me.
Oh and please also pray for Joel who is just coming down the stairs to be done with work for the day. It is 9:30 and he will be working tomorrow too.
Now we are going to have ice cream and that always makes me feel a little better.